Cub’s Corner (ages 12 & under)

If you are 12 years old or under please consider some of the  ways you can help and/or make a contribution:

We understand that many young people would love nothing more than to visit with our animals all day and perform a community service for the shelter. However, safety guidelines prohibit children under the age of 16 from volunteering on their own at Greenhill without direct adult supervision. Children ages 12 through 15 must volunteer with a parent or guardian. Volunteers 16 and older can volunteer on their own.

Here are some other ways you can help:

  • Participate in our on-site Read to Cats program! Children ages 6-12 years are welcome to sign up to read to the cats in our cattery. Click here!
  • Make colorful bandanas for dogs and drop them off at the shelter.Cubs Corner
  • Make dog and cat toys and drop them off at the shelter. (Felt -not knitted- toys are preferred for kitties; please see our wish list to learn about needed dog items).
  • Fundraise for the animals by hosting a lemonade stand, yard sale, or bake sale in your neighborhood!
  • Collect bottles or cans that have a CRV and donate through BottleDrop or pick up a blue fundraising bag from us at Greenhill.
  • Raise funds at school: get creative and think of fun or unique things/items to sell to raise money for the shelter.
  • Organize a food or supply drive. Greenhill can provide you with a “Buddy Barrel” to collect items or pet food. You and your classmates can decorate the barrel however you like.
  • Birthday parties: Ask friends/family to bring presents, gift cards, or donate money in your name for the animals. You can bring items to the shelter and give them to the animals yourself!                      

We are happy to help you by providing brochures, a Greenhill banner, or any other materials you request to help your fundraiser or project. We can also provide you and/or your family or friends with a personalized tour of the shelter and the kennel, cattery and small animal room. Please contact our Community Outreach Department by calling (541) 689-1503 ext 134 if you have questions regarding fund raising and food/supply drives. Items you make or collect can be brought to the shelter during open hours.

Locations and Hours of Operation

Become a Foster Family!
Sometimes we receive animals that are too young or too sick to be adopted. Your family can foster these animals in your home where they can get well and grow. You return them to the shelter after a specified time of care (depending on the animal’s needs) and then we find a loving home for them! Learn more here.

Thank you for helping homeless pets!