Trainer Recommendation List Criteria

1) Obedience: Certification*, 5+ years of professional training experience, good standing within the community, membership with professional training organizations, a proven commitment to continuing education, and a commitment to using the scientifically based training techniques that are approved by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

2) Sports: Meets the obedience standards and has demonstrated that they have developed an expertise in this area (good competition record with own dogs for example)

3) Behavior Problems: Vets with an educational background in behavior. While many obedience trainers also see behavior clients it would be difficult for us to ascertain the level of their skill in this area.  Our recommendation should be that they see a veterinarian with an educational background in behavior to diagnose the condition and to discuss treatment options, which may include medication.  From there they can decide if they want the support of a trainer.

* Training certification that demonstrates

o   Knowledge of dog behavior and learning theory

o   Familiarity with basic husbandry and training equipment

o    Sharp instruction skills

Examples include:

CTP: Certified Training Partner from Karen Pryor Academy

CTC: Certificate in Training and Counseling from San Fran SPCA Academy

CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA: Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge &/or Knowledge and Skills Assessed from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers


If you are interested in being listed as a recommended trainer through Greenhill, please contact our trainer, Micaela Frank, at