1st Avenue Shelter

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Under Greenhill’s guidance, the 1st Avenue Shelter cares for lost, stray, abandoned and neglected pets, reunites owners with their pets, provides medical attention to those animals in need, and finds new, loving homes for animals who go unclaimed. If you have lost a pet anywhere in Lane County, including the City of Eugene, check the 1st Avenue Shelter. The phone number for the shelter is 541-844-1777. Animals in the shelter are viewable online on this website.

While the primary goal of 1st Avenue Shelter is reuniting stray animals with their owners, both Greenhill and 1st Avenue Shelter have animals awaiting adoption into loving homes, which are available for viewing on this website.

1st Avenue Shelter is not an animal control agency and is not responsible for animal enforcement. If you live inside the Eugene city limits and need assistance from an animal control officer (barking dogs, dogs at large, or to report animal neglect or abuse), please contact the City of Eugene Animal Services at 541-687-4060. If you live in unincorporated Lane County and need assistance from an animal control officer, please contact Lane County Animal Services at 541-682-3645.

Animals in the care of 1st Avenue Shelter can be viewed here: dogs, and other animals.