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Greenhill Humane Society has been caring for animals in Lane County since 1944. We operate the only animal shelter within the Eugene/Springfield area.  Our programs include animal adoptions;  reuniting lost animals with their families; crisis care boarding in situations of domestic violence, medical emergencies, and other crisis situations; spay/neuter for free roaming, un-owned community cats; a pet food bank; on-site volunteer opportunities; foster care and humane education.

Last year, we helped reunite or find new loving homes for 3,630 animals. In addition, we provided 1,341 cat spay/neuter surgeries to assist cat caregivers in reducing feral cat over-population.  Our humane education program reached more than 12,179 children and adults.

Greenhill is a private non-profit and relies on donations for a majority of its budget. The generosity of our local community enables us to provide a high level of care to lost, abandoned, and neglected animals while at the same time helping pet owners in need.

Mission Statement

Greenhill Humane Society provides care and shelter for animals, support and resources for people, and education to promote the humane treatment of animals.

Vision Statement

Greenhill Humane Society envisions a world in which all animals are treated with compassion and respect.


Greenhill Humane Society is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit, qualifications, and ability. Greenhill Humane Society prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, military service, marital status, age, or any other legally-protected class.


Greenhill Humane Society is a private, 501c(3) non-profit animal shelter. We rely on charitable donations and fees for services to run our shelters. Links to our recent 990s and Audits are below:

FY08/09 990        FY08/09 Audit

FY09/10 990         FY09/10 Audit

FY10/11 990           FY10/11 990T          FY10/11 Audit

FY11/12 990           FY11/12 990T           FY11/12 Audit

FY12/13 990          FY12/13 990T           FY12/13 Audit

FY13/14 990          FY13/14 990T           FY13/14 Audit

FY14/15 990          FY14/15 990T           FY14/15 Audit

FY1516_990          FY1516_990T           FY15/16 Audit

FY1617_990          FY1617_990T           FY16/17 Audit

FY1718_990          FY1718_990T           FY17/18 Audit

FY1819_990          FY1819_990T           FY18/19 Audit

FY1920_990          FY1920_990T           FY19/20 Audit

Donor Privacy Statement

Priority is given to safeguarding donor confidentiality. Greenhill Humane Society does not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise make available personal donor information, nor send mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Full Privacy Policy

Click here for Greenhill Humane Society’s privacy policy

Volunteer Board Membership

Greenhill Humane Society has an all volunteer board. You can find the GHS Board Conflict of Interest Policy here.

Animal Care & Adoption Philosophy

Greenhill Humane Society is committed to achieving the highest level of care for the homeless pets in our shelters. We follow the guidelines established by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters. Every staff member is Fear Free Certified meaning we use strategies and techniques designed to reduce the negative emotional states that are commonly experienced by shelter and rescue animals- including fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration- and increase their enrichment opportunities.

We have a commitment to reserve euthanasia only for situations involving animals that cannot be safely handled – either because of aggression or contagious disease, or in situations where the animal is suffering and a reasonable level of treatment would not be effective.

Each and every day, the animals at Greenhill Humane Society are cared for, exercised, played with, and loved upon by our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Links to our animal adoption statistics are below. We present the data in its “naked” form, unfettered by subjective terms like “unadoptable” or “untreatable.”

FY 2008-2009          FY 2009-2010         FY 2010-2011         FY 2011-2012

FY 2012-2013            FY 2013/2014          FY 2014/2015        FY2015/2016

FY2016/2017            FY 2017/2018          FY 2018/2019

Greenhill Saves Lives

Greenhill Humane Society is a Life Saving organization, where animals are safe and well cared for; where all life is affirmed and respected. Our shelters never put a time limit on how long an animal can be in the shelter and we provide quality treatment for animals requiring extra care. Some pets find homes in a matter of days, while others are with us for months. They all receive the same abundance of love and devotion from our staff and volunteers.

Greenhill Humane Society focuses on saving lives and building a community that has compassion and respect for all companion animals. Since 2008, we have successfully saved 90% or more of the animals that came into our care. Those that we had to let go were too sick, too dangerous, or beyond our ability to treat. For the fiscal year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, our overall life-saving percentage was 91%.  The life-saving percentage is calculated as live-outcomes divided by total-outcomes not including owner-intended-euthanasia.

Euthanasia decisions are taken very seriously, and only made after all other options have been exhausted. Euthanasia is carried out by Certified Euthanasia Technicians according to Oregon law, using the most modern and humane method available.

Our Animal Care Team discusses policies relating to animal care and some of the more difficult ethical issues that we face in the shelter. It is composed of expert staff including the Executive Director, Operations Director, Animal Care Department Managers, Veterinarians, Certified Veterinary Technicians, and Certified Dog Trainers.

For critical cases, veterinary, behavioral, and animal care management staff discuss an animal’s medical and behavioral needs. All information about the individual case is considered, including: potential treatment options, possible rescue options, on-going care within the shelter or foster situation, quality of life, and safety concerns. In the circumstances when the decision to euthanize is made, at least 3 managers must sign paperwork before the procedure is performed.

If you have questions, please call Cary Lieberman at 541-689-1503 x113 or Sasha Elliott at 541.689.1503 x112

Our Life Saving Programs

Greenhill has the following programs in place to save the lives of our community’s most vulnerable pets:

  1. Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) Program
    TNR is a method of humanely trapping feral cats, sterilizing them to prevent unwanted litters, and returning them to their colonies to live out their lives. Since 2006, Greenhill has provided spay/neuter surgeries for free-roaming un-owned community cats in Lane County. In 2020, we performed over 1,300 surgeries!
  2. High-Volume, High Quality Spay/Neuter
    In our on-site surgical suite, 100% of all Greenhill animals are spayed/neutered before being placed into homes. In addition, we work with several other non-profit rescue groups to perform their spay/neuter surgeries at reduced rates. In 2020, our veterinary staff performed 2,918 spay/neuter surgeries and 227 other essential surgeries.
  3. Second Chance Program
    Greenhill’s shelters work in partnership with other shelters and rescue groups in an effort to find permanent placement for homeless pets. In 2020, over 290 pets were given a Second Chance when transferred to Greenhill from overcrowded shelters in Oregon and California.
  4. Foster Care
    Our extensive Foster Care Program includes over 117 families who care for animals who are too young, sick, injured or under-socialized to be adopted. Over 738 animals were in foster care in 2020 until they were ready to come back to the shelter and prepare for adoption.
  5. Comprehensive Adoption Programs (including off-site adoptions)
    Shelter hours of operation allow the public to access adoptable animals in person 7 days a week, and online 24 hours a day. We partner with local pet product stores and businesses to host offsite adoption events around the community throughout the year. You can see upcoming events on our calendar.
  6. Pet Retention Programs
    Whenever possible, our goal is to help keep pets with their people. We offer a free Pet Food Bank to support low-income families. Our Domestic Violence Assistance Program provides free, confidential temporary shelter for pets in dangerous or violent situations. In 2020 more than 25 tons of pet food was distributed to families in need through our free Pet Food Bank.
  7. Medical and Behavior Prevention/Rehabilitation Programs
    Greenhill’s staff includes veterinarians, behavior specialists and a well-trained animal care staff who evaluate and provide care for each animal. Additionally, we are extremely fortunate to have the support of many local veterinarians and trainers. These specialists help us with difficult cases, and allow us to place more pets in homes each year.
  8. Public Relations/Community Involvement
    In 2020, adoptable pets were featured over 900 times on TV, Radio and Newspapers. We work with television networks KVAL, KEZI, and KMTR, and radio stations KDUK 104.7, KRVM 91.9, and KZEL 96.1 to promote adoptable animals on “Pet of the Week” segments. Pets are also featured in the Register Guard, Eugene Weekly, Springfield Times, Creswell Chronicle, Fern Ridge Review, Senior News, Cottage Grove Sentinel, Oregon Family and AveuneK9.com. Our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) continues to grow.
  9. Volunteers
    More than 2,538 volunteers contributed 25,944 hours in 2020. Thanks to the volunteers assisting our staff, shelter animals are well cared for, exercised, played with and loved each and every day.
  10. Reuniting Families
    In 2020 we reunited 828 pets with their families.
  11. A Compassionate, Experienced Director
    Cary Lieberman has helped animals in our community for over 20 years and is an animal advocate and progressive leader. He has been Greenhill’s Executive Director since October 2007. Prior to that he served 3 years as a member of the Board of Directors and spent a year as the shelter’s Development Director. In addition to his time at Greenhill, Cary has volunteered with S.P.O.T., the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, and served on the Lane County Animal Services Advisory committee. He brings extensive experience in animal welfare, marketing, public relations and non-profit development. In 2009, Cary received his designation as a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator. Under his leadership, Greenhill’s live release rate has improved from below 75% to over 90%. In 2014, he completed certification in No-Kill Animal Shelter Management.
  12. Education
    We believe education is an important tool for ending pet overpopulation. Through tours and presentations, we teach responsible pet care and promote the importance of spaying and neutering. In 2020, Greenhill’s outreach and education program reached 12,179 children and adults.
  13. The David J. Butler Memorial Fund:Each year, our shelters take in hundreds of animals that require medical attention. If needed care can be provided on-site, the animals are routinely treated and brought to good health before being adopted into a loving family. If the animal requires extensive treatment, Greenhill works with local veterinarians and regional clinics in order to provide the necessary care. The David J. Butler Memorial Fund was established to give more animals lifesaving medical treatments in order for them to lead healthy lives with loving families.
Behavior & Training Philosophy

Greenhill Humane Society follows the recommendations of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) regarding the training we provide for the animals in our care, the training instruction we provide our staff and volunteers, and the trainers we recommend to the public. AVSAB recommends trainers that follow the scientifically-based principles of positive reinforcement, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, desensitization, and counter conditioning. AVSAB does not endorse dominance hierarchy theory or the use of punishment to modify behavior as this involves the use of adversives, force, coercion, and physical corrections. In addition to the risk of physical harm to the animal, punishment can also have unintended consequences such as strengthening the undesired behavior, causing aggression, and creating extreme fear in the animal. Our focus is on lowering the stress associated with the shelter environment, providing enrichment activities, making learning new skills easy and fun, reinforcing desirable behaviors, and preventing the rehearsal of undesirable behavior.

Greenhill is a non-profit organization and relies on generous donations from people like you, who care about the animals in our community. If you believe in Greenhill’s policies and mission, please consider supporting us.

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