Alternatives to Pet Surrender

We understand that situations can arise that may cause you to consider surrendering your pet to the shelter. We also recognize that the human-animal bond is very strong. It's our goal to keep pets and people together if possible.

We offer a variety of resources and programs to try to help keep pets in home. Below are examples of the most common reasons why people consider surrendering their pet. 

Cannot afford pet food/supplies

Greenhill offers a year-round pet food bank offering pet food and other supplies. See our Pet Pantry page for details. 

Moving or cannot find pet friendly housing

Finding rental housing with pets can be difficult. Visit our Pet-Friendly Housing page to help find a list of pet friendly rentals in the Eugene/Springfield area.

Behavioral Issues

If you are considering rehoming your pet because of behavioral issues, please consider working with a trainer. Visit our Training page here. We also have a list of behavior and training resources in our Resource Library here. 

Medical Issues

Major or ongoing medical issues for pets can be very expensive. There are some funds that are built to assist pet owners with medical expenses. Talk to your vet about what options they have for payment plans or financial assistance. Here are a few organizations that offer resources, CareCredit and Humane Society of the United States

If you still are considering surrendering your pet, please visit our Find a New Home for your Pet Page