Crisis Care Boarding

Greenhill's Crisis Care Program provides temporary housing for animals whose owners are in crises such as domestic violence, hospitalization, incarceration and emergency situations. Greenhill also provides support and transitional housing for the pets of people who have recently passed.

Hope and Safety Alliance

We work with Hope and Safety Alliance to provide confidential foster homes at no charge for animals belonging to victims or families in crisis as a result of domestic violence. If you feel you could benefit from this program, contact Hope and Safety Alliance at (541) 485-6513 or visit their website at

Red Cross Assistance

We work through the American Red Cross branch in Eugene, Oregon to provide temporary foster homes for pets who have lost their homes due to disasters such as floods and fires. If you are in need of assistance contact the Red Cross at (541) 344-5244 or visit their website at

Securing Your Pets Future Program

The Securing Your Pet’s Future program provides pet owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their cherished pets will be taken care of in their absence. By making arrangements in advance, Greenhill will receive, care for, and secure new homes for your surviving pet. To learn more, visit our Securing Your Pet’s Future program page