Find a Home for Your Pet

We accept owner-surrendered animals by appointment. If you would like Greenhill Humane Society to help find a new home for your pet, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the appropriate Animal Care Department to discuss re-homing your pet.
  2. Fill Out a Personality Profile for your pet and send us your pet’s veterinary records.

At this time, we are not accepting Small Animal surrenders. We are working to expand this program. For any questions or more information, call 541.689.1503 x117

Note: If you are considering re-homing your dog because of behavior issues and would like to speak with a dog trainer before making a final decision, click here.

The Animal Care staff will conduct a brief phone interview with you prior to scheduling an appointment. We will review your pet’s completed Personality Profile and veterinary records IF the animal is currently under the care of a veterinarian before scheduling your appointment so we can determine if we are able to assist in finding your pet a new home. You can complete the Personality Profile online, or send the Profile and vet records to us via email, fax to 541.689.5261, postal mail or hand delivery.

Click here for a fillable Online Cat Personality Form or download a Cat Personality Profile (PDF)

Click here for a fillable Online Dog Personality Profile or download a Dog Personality Profile (PDF).

  1. Attend your scheduled appointment. At your appointment, our trained staff will evaluate your pet to ensure they are a good candidate for adoption through our shelter. If so, we will take the pet into our care and provide for any medical or behavioral needs prior to their adoption.
Do you need to rehome your pet because of landlord or rental issues? Check out our list of pet-friendly rental properties!

Greenhill Humane Society does not charge receiving fees for surrendered pets, but we would welcome a donation if you are able. Please note that it costs us over $350 on average to provide care for each dog or cat during their stay at Greenhill. We will gladly accept donations to go toward the care of your pet during their stay with us.

During Your Pet’s Stay at Greenhill Humane Society, we will provide him/her with:

  • Any necessary vaccinations
  • Any necessary surgeries, including spay/neuter
  • Dental cleaning, if necessary
  • Flea control
  • Food, including a special diet (if necessary)
  • Medical and behavioral evaluations
  • Behavioral training
  • Lots of love and TLC!

Tips for Getting Your Pet Adopted

You can help your pet get adopted more quickly by having them treated for fleas and worms, having them up to date on vaccines (please bring proof with you), bathed and well-groomed, as well as having them spayed or neutered.

Will my pet get a good home?

Pets at Greenhill Humane Society receive excellent care from our trained staff and volunteers. We do not place any time limits on an animal’s stay: a pet may stay at our shelter for days, weeks, or months until we find them a new home. Our adoption process includes an application and individual counseling to make sure we find great matches for pets in our care. We always welcome follow up calls. You may call us at any time during your pet’s time here and we will be glad to give you an update.

Stray Animals

Please contact our shelter at 541.689.1503 if you have found a stray animal.

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