Foster Care

Current Foster Parents: find your foster resource library here!


Have you ever thought about fostering?

Thank you for your interest in the Foster Care Program! Together our foster parents make an enormous contribution to Greenhill and the animals of our community by caring for over 600 animals per year when they need us the most. Without these dedicated volunteers, Greenhill could not provide loving homes to nearly as many deserving animals as we do each year.

We are always looking for foster parents who can open their hearts and their homes to many types of animals such as kittens, puppies and rabbits, nursing Moms with babies, as well as adult animals recovering from surgery or illness. Foster stays can vary from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the animal’s needs and the foster parent’s availability.

If you  have questions or would like more information about this rewarding opportunity, please contact Kristi Chizacky, Foster Care Manager, at 541-689-1503 ext. 114 or e-mail Or click on the Foster Care Application link below to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to view frequently asked questions about fostering.

Download and watch this video to learn more about what it’s like to be a foster parent! Download the video from this link: Fostering Video

Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent:

1. Please review the foster program requirements (please see below).
2. Please complete the online Foster Care Application by clicking here. If you would like to volunteer (not foster), please complete the  online Volunteer Application on the Volunteering page.
3.  Upon receipt of your Foster Care Application, we will contact you to further discuss your interests and the foster care program with you.
4. Complete the foster care program online foster care training and paperwork. A background check will be completed for all new foster parents.

Foster Program Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to become a foster parent. Children are encouraged to participate fully in this rewarding experience with their parents.
  • Landlord approval is required for all foster parents who rent their residence.  Please confirm with your landlord that you are approved to foster animals prior to submitting a foster care application. We will contact your landlord to discuss any fostering restrictions.
  • Current vaccinations are required for all foster parents’ dogs/cats prior to placing a foster animal in your home.  Please confirm that your animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations prior to submitting a foster care application. We also recommend you speak with your veterinarian to make sure fostering is a good fit for you and your pets.


Monthly Foster Spotlight

November 2020

Greenhill is happy to celebrate Sara & Vince S., an awesome father and daughter team, as the November Fosters of the Month. Though Vince and Sara just started fostering in September of 2020, they have done an incredible job caring for foster kittens!

Sara said she decided to foster for Greenhill “because I have so much free time due to Covid19 and I wanted to put my time into something I truly love that is purposeful.”

Vince and Sara’s first foster case was definitely a challenge as the kittens were battling health issues. With lots of love, patience and care they did an amazing job. Sara stated, “After a few weeks of getting to know them and needing that constant care, they are finally healthy! Super rewarding to see their little personalities grow.”

In addition to being a super foster, Sara is a senior in high school who has been figure skating since she was 9 years old, loves to dance and has a passion for pottery. Her father has been a huge support.

When asked why she thinks others should consider fostering she stated, “With the world being the way it is at the moment, we all struggle with trying to stay positive and have positive things in our life. Fostering can give a new perspective and give you that happiness when everything seems so dark (at least it did for me!). Plus, kittens are so dang cute! Who wouldn’t want to help and care for kitties!?”