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Review the foster program requirements. 

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to become a foster parent. Children are encouraged to participate fully in this rewarding experience with their parents.
  • Landlord approval is required for all foster parents who rent their residence.  Please confirm with your landlord that you are approved to foster animals prior to submitting a foster care application. We will contact your landlord to discuss any fostering restrictions.
  • Current vaccinations are required for all foster parents’ dogs/cats prior to placing a foster animal in your home.  Please confirm that your animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations prior to submitting a foster care application. We also recommend you speak with your veterinarian to make sure fostering is a good fit for you and your pets.

Complete the online Foster Care Application by clicking hereIf you would like to volunteer (not foster), please complete the  online Volunteer Application on the Volunteering page.

Upon receipt of your Foster Care Application, we will contact you to further discuss your interests and the foster care program with you.

Complete the foster care program online foster care training and paperwork. A background check will be completed for all new foster parents.

Foster Spotlight

December 2023

Candy C.

Meet our December Foster of the Month, Candy C! Candy has been fostering at Greenhill for a year, but they have a history of rescuing animals to get them healthy and into forever homes! They said their favorite thing about fostering is getting to watch animals grow, both their personality and physicality.

When they are not fostering, Candy says “I am building an Aquaponics farm and a vegetable greenhouse farm to sell vegetables for sale out in Alvadore, Oregon. I hope to have it all up and running next year to start selling vegetables, it’s all going to be organic vegetables!”

Candy recalls a unique case while fostering a cat named Houdini, “I called, started to call Houdini because she could get out of her kennel, and for several days I couldn’t figure out how she could sneak out of her kennel when I was asleep. Then, I finally did because I caught her and I had to close up her kennel so that she couldn’t get out when she was a kitten. I fell in love with her and adopted her.”

We asked Candy, if someone was considering fostering for Greenhill, what should they know? “I think fostering for Greenhill is a very good opportunity for people to learn about the cats and take care of them. It’s just great humanity to love these guys and know that they’re going to go to a good home. If it wasn’t for the Foster people like me, Greenhill would have a hard time taking care of all these kittens. They can’t do it alone so Greenhill needs every foster parent to help out the community to be more involved in the foster program to help out all the animals: the kittens, the dogs or cats, the puppies, anything that they have.”