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Review the foster program requirements. 

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to become a foster parent. Children are encouraged to participate fully in this rewarding experience with their parents.
  • Landlord approval is required for all foster parents who rent their residence.  Please confirm with your landlord that you are approved to foster animals prior to submitting a foster care application. 
  • Current vaccinations are required for all foster parents’ dogs/cats prior to placing a foster animal in your home.  Please confirm that your animals are up-to-date on their vaccinations prior to submitting a foster care application. We also recommend you speak with your veterinarian to make sure fostering is a good fit for you and your pets.

Complete the online Foster Care Application by clicking here

If you would like to volunteer (not foster), please complete the  online Volunteer Application on the Volunteering page.

Upon receipt of your Foster Care Application, we will contact you to further discuss your interests and the foster care program with you.

Complete the foster care program online foster care training and paperwork. A background check will be completed for all new foster parents.

Foster Spotlight

June 2024

Sally D.

Introducing June’s Foster of the Month, Sally D! Having recently joined Greenhill’s roster of fosters, Sally rolled elegantly with all the twists and turns of caring for a nursing rabbit in foster. Before Greenhill, she has long held an interest in fostering, saying “It grew from a combination of personal, academic, and professional experience with (human) foster care. I’ve long wanted to help provide a safe, loving, nurturing home to bunnies ever since we got our 3-year-old Lionhead, Toki 토끼 (which means “rabbit” in Korean). My heart overflows with so much love for her that I wanted to direct it into something productive, which made fostering a perfect fit. My foster “career” started very recently (February 26, 2024), with the placement of Teddy Bun (aka “Mama” or “Oma” 엄마 which means mom/mama in Korean) and her six kits who were three weeks old at the time of placement.”

We asked Sally about their foster stay, what were their favorite things about fostering and what they had felt was unique about the experience. Sally says; “The most memorable event with Oma was when, to everyone’s surprise, she gave birth to a second litter of seven kits only one week after being placed with me. Greenhill’s staff quickly found a new foster home for the first litter of six babies (because Mama quickly and clearly rejected them). Fortunately, all six babies from the first litter continued to thrive even though they were weaned quite early. I’d never cared for newborn kits, so there was a lot to learn right away, but Mama knew what to do. I’m still in awe at the privilege and gift it was to help care for them as they grew up. Sally’s favorite thing about fostering is “the millions and millions of cute things the buns do as they develop and come out of their shells (often when my camera is inconveniently in the other room or just won’t take fast enough). There are so many memories stamped in my heart and mind and each one is a priceless gift.”

For anyone who is thinking about fostering, our friend Sally says; “If you have a heart for helping animals, fostering for Greenhill is an opportunity not to be missed! You’ll be very well supported every step of the way by the Foster Care Team — even during and after the tearful goodbye when they return to the shelter to be adopted. It is important not to let the fear of saying goodbye stop you from doing it. There are so many bunnies, kittens, cats, dogs, etc., etc. who just need stability and support from you so they can thrive and get set-up for success in their future home. Imagine Lane County if every available home fostered, adopted, volunteered, donated, and advocated. Please inquire today about fostering!”