Animal Licensing

An informational page about animal licensing in Lane County

Lane County's licensing requirements

In Lane County, every dog must obtain a license when one of two things occurs: either the dog reaches the age of six months, or it obtains its permanent canine teeth, whichever comes first. See Lane County’s licensing page for more information about licensing laws. Cats are not required to be licensed, but optional licenses are available to purchase. 

To purchase a license you will need proof of a current rabies vaccination for your dog. You do not need to bring the dog with you, just the vaccination certificate. 

Here is a list of the required license based on what area you and your dog live in:

Lane County dog license (unincorporated areas of Lane County)

Lane County Animal Services, Phone: 541-682-3645 or use this link to Lane County’s licensing page

City of Eugene dog license (Eugene city limits)

Eugene Animal Services, PetData Phone: 1-855-328-1400 or use this link to Eugene’s licensing page

City of Springfield dog license (Springfield city limits)

Springfield Animal Control, Phone: 541-726-3634 or use this link to Springfield’s licensing page

City of Veneta dog license (Veneta city limits)

Veneta Animal Control, Phone: 541-935-2191 or use this link to Veneta’s licensing page

*If you are unsure of what jurisdiction you live in, give us a call at Greenhill and we can help you find out who you need to license with. 

Lane County Animal Licensing
To purchase a Lane County license online > click here 
To purchase Lane County license in person: 
Lane County Animal Services: Fill out this paper license application and bring/mail it to: Lane County Animal Services, 3050 N. Delta Highway Eugene, OR 97408
Greenhill: Come into Greenhill Humane Society during business hours (11am-6pm daily) and purchase a license
City of Eugene Animal Licensing
To purchase a City of Eugene license online > click here
To purchase City of Eugene license in person: 
Greenhill: Come into Greenhill Humane Society during business hours (11am-6pm daily) and purchase a license 
City of Springfield Animal Licensing
To purchase a City of Springfield license online > click here 
to purchase City of Springfield license in person: 
Fill out a paper license application from this link and bring it to: Springfield Justice Center, 230 4th Street Springfield, OR
City of Veneta Animal Licensing 
Purchase a City of Veneta license in person at these locations: 
The City of Veneta – 541-935-2191
88184 8th Ave.
Veneta Veterinarian Hospital – 541-935-4151
88233 Territorial Rd.

Each licensing location has different fees for dog licensing depending on the altered status of the dog and the length of the license. For dogs that are spayed/neutered the licensing fees are cheaper to encourage owners to alter their pets. There are also senior discounts offered for some areas. To get the specific fees for the license type, contact your local animal control office at the numbers & websites listed above.    

Replacements tags can be purchased for a nominal amount online or in person at any of the license vendors listed above. 

Yes! Having your dog licensed helps animal control officers get the dog back to you faster and sometimes without the dog having to come to the shelter. If your licensed dog does come to the shelter, the impound fee is waived as long as it’s their first shelter visit of the year and they are current on their license status. Other boarding and daily fees may apply if dog is not redeemed promptly.  

Yes! City of Eugene offers voluntary cat licenses, but they are not required by law. 

If you are licensing a service dog through the City of Eugene, you can come into Greenhill and we will be able to help you. If you are needing to license a service animal through another jurisdiction, please contact the local animal control agency for that area.