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Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community!

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Please read this list of volunteer requirements before applying. 

Pay for your volunteer registration fee using the link below. Be sure to select the package that fits the type of volunteering you will be doing! Pay Volunteer Registration Fee

After payment is processed you will receive an email to initiate your background check or with next steps (for those under 18).

Volunteer Spotlight

October 2022

Sandy W.

Meet Sandy, our Volunteer of the Month for October! Sandy started volunteering in December 2021 and has already contributed over 85 hours of service to Greenhill. She volunteers as a Front Office Assistant. Sandy also volunteers for McKenzie River Trust helping staff their open days on Green Island. In the past, she has volunteered as a clinic nurse at Volunteers in Medicine. 

Sandy’s favorite aspects of volunteering are, “It’s fun! I leave energized and smiling. The staff and volunteers I work with are great. I know I’ve helped make a difference in the lives of animals in transition and for the people who care for and about them. I just leave with a good feeling every time.” 

From volunteering at Greenhill Sandy has learned, “I volunteer in the front office so I’m continually learning how different situations are handled, resources within Greenhill and the community, etc. Never a dull moment! I’ve come to really appreciate the quality of care that Greenhill provides and the super caring and skilled staff. I’m glad to be part of the team.” 

Sandy grew up in Longview, Washington and, after completing her education, moved to California. Because she loved the area, Sandy moved to Eugene over 40 years ago. She was a Public Health nurse before retiring from Lane Community College where she worked in the Standard Health Center and other Standard Service areas for over 20 years. She has a rescue dog, Cricket, she does non-competitive agility with as she did previously with Le Lai, her Greenhill foster fail Sandy adopted as a puppy and had for 17 years. 

Sandy enjoys day hiking, sewing and yard work. She says, “When I was younger, I had some lovely adventures inflatable kayaking many rivers including the Grand Canyon and the Upano in Ecuador – all with guides. Now days I’m content to ride the raft!”