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Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community!

All of our volunteer team members share three things:
1) Compassion and responsibility for all animals
2) Consistency and reliability to help us care for our animals
3) Commitment to reducing animal overpopulation

The following requirements are mandatory for all Greenhill volunteers:
*Be 16 years of age or over. (Volunteers between the ages of 12-15 can volunteer only if accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.)
*Commit to volunteering for one 2-hour shift per week or at least 8 hours a month for a minimum of 6 months. 
*Possess strong customer service skills. Be able to read, write and communicate clearly with staff, other volunteers and the public and follow direction, shelter rules and protocol info.
*Be able to sit, bend, squat, twist and stand for long periods. (If applying for a direct animal care position: dog enrichment, cattery, small animal room).
*Have access to the Internet and an email account.
*Have reliable transportation to be able to get to our shelter, located at 88530 Green Hill Road in Eugene, Oregon.
*For those 18 and over, pass a standard criminal background check. Note, we are not able to accept volunteers who have committed crimes against minors or other vulnerable populations, charges of theft or assault within the last 7 years, or have felonies or instances of animal abuse / cruelty from any time period.
*Pay volunteer registration fee ($25 for those age 18 and over, $15 for those ages 16-17, $30 for parent/youth teams)
Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to volunteer on site but can find lots of fun ways to help our animals by visiting our Cub’s Corner page!

To learn more about our volunteer team positions, please click here.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please first watch this short video all about Greenhill, the volunteer program and more details on the process to get started.
After watching the video if you would like to join us as a Greenhill volunteer, please pay for your volunteer registration fee using the link below. Be sure to select the package that fits the type of volunteering you will be doing!
After payment is processed you will receive an email to initiate your background check or with next steps (for those under 18).
Community service volunteers and students or those needing hours signed off on for school or a program, should also pay for their registration fee to get started. **If you have to meet specific volunteer hour requirements  (i.e. a certain # number of hours per day or per week), please contact the Volunteer Dept. prior to submitting your volunteer registration so we can make sure we can accommodate that.
Update 10/27/2020: Please note that with COVID-19 numbers on the rise in Lane County, new volunteer orientations have been put on hold until further notice. Please refer to the list of Volunteer Team Opportunities (https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/OD?FROM=8527) for our current needs that we’ll have available when orientations reopen (areas not available are listed as full at the top of the description). We would love to have you register and get on the waitlist to join the team if any of the open positions would be a good fit for you. Follow the above link to register, complete your background check and we will reach out to you when we are scheduling new orientation dates again so we can get you started!
For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail us at 541.844.8824 or volunteer@green-hill.org. We can’t wait to have you on our team!

Find ways to help Greenhill:

 Volunteer Spotlight
October 2020
Monika Janczuk

Meet Monika, our Volunteer of the Month for October! Monika started volunteering in February 2017 and has already contributed over 200 hours of service to Greenhill. She volunteers on the Dog Photo Team, updates dog profile pictures on the Greenhill website and is on the Dog Enrichment team. Monika is also a Pro-Bone-O Veterinary Care board member.

Monika states, ”I really enjoy working and spending time with dogs, especially the wallflowers whose personalities start to show once their confidence and trust in humans grows. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog…well, simply being a dog. While I cannot give every dog in need a place to rest their head at night, I am happy helping them find an ending to their “happy tale” home.”

From volunteering at Greenhill Monika says she has, “not only absorbed a lot of useful information about dog body language and behavior, but have also enjoyed learning more about positive reinforcement and clicker training through the new DEP programs that have been recently put in place. In addition, I have also enjoyed going through the modules of the Force-Free certification and am grateful that I am able to do so for free to become a better, well-rounded volunteer.”

Monika was born in Warsaw, Poland and arrived in Chicago, Illinois with her parents and brother when she was five years old. Subsequently she lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for eight years and graduated with a Print/Documentary Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Monika moved to Eugene four years ago and is currently CEO of Central Bark Doggy Day Care in West Eugene.

Monika’s hobbies include photography, gardening, and hiking. She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, James, and her dog, Jordy.


We Love You, Volunteers!! 

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