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Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community!

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Volunteer Spotlight

June 2023

Nancy S

Meet Nancy, our Volunteer of the Month for June! Nancy started volunteering in February 2020 and has already contributed over 500 hours of service to Greenhill. She volunteers in the Specialized Species Department as a trainer and on the rabbit and guinea pig enrichment teams, as an Administrative Offices Assistant, and on the Special Event Squad. Nancy also volunteers as the newsletter editor for the Soroptimist International of Junction City and serves on numerous committees raising funds for programs and grants to support women and children. In the past, she has volunteered for the Junction City Local Aide. 

Nancy’s favorite aspects of volunteering are, “I have a long history volunteering with charities that benefit humans such as Habitat for Humanity, food pantries, women and child abuse, human trafficking, etc. I do those for others. Volunteering at Greenhill, I do for me. And the animals, of course! Unlike my other volunteer jobs that can be heart breaking, being at Greenhill brings me a sense of peace and calms my soul. Seeing scared animals come in, them being a small part of helping them to be healthy and happy, such a great feeling. When a bunny decides I can be trusted, climbs up on my lap for a cuddle, wow! I can’t even describe the feeling of happiness and contentment it brings me!”  

From volunteering at Greenhill Nancy has learned, “My heart breaks seeing all the news stories about mistreated animals. Then at Greenhill I see firsthand the many staff and volunteers who care about the welfare of these amazing animals. They contribute so much of their time, energy and dollars to rescue and enrich the lives of these beautiful creatures.” 

Nancy grew up in Junction City and has 3 children, Sherry, Jeff, Michael and one grandson, Logan. She is retired from Laurel Elementary school in Junction City, where she worked with “below grade level” students. Nancy and her husband, Dave, have 3 cats, Carlos, Ratana and Kannika, 2 hens and 2 baby gerbils. She says, “All our pet children have been rescues with most from Greenhill starting about 45 years ago.”  

Nancy enjoys reading a book with one of her kitty daughters cuddled next to her and gardening with her kitty son. She and her husband travel as much as possible. This year they are traveling to Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Egypt. Nancy shares, “We spent time in Antarctica last year, studying micro-plastics in the ocean. One day a 2 month old Gentoo penguin came up and climbed up on my boots. Then he reached up and tried to swipe the ties from my hoodie. While we were not to approach the penguins, apparently he didn’t get the memo. And I have it all on video!”