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Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community!

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Volunteer Spotlight

July 2022

Charles B.

Meet Charles, our Volunteer of the Month for July! Charles started volunteering in March 2022 as a Cattery Aide and has already contributed over 60 hours of service to Greenhill. The Cattery staff commented, “He’s always such a pleasure to have in the cattery. He’s always willing to stay to get dishes and pans done if we don’t have additional volunteers, he is also willing to help out in central laundry, and he’s super sweet. It’s really fun to have conversations with him and he asks a lot of questions about the cats we have, and cats in general, just trying to learn more. Overall, he’s a great guy, we’re glad he’s a cattery volunteer.” Charles hasn’t volunteered anywhere else but has always lent a helping hand to neighbors, friends, and even strangers. 

Charles’s favorite aspects of volunteering are, “how friendly and grateful everyone is to me and the other volunteers who help out at Greenhill. I really like the interaction with staff and other volunteers. I always feel like they are positive, and everyone is very encouraging. Even though it’s not the most glamorous job, I like volunteering as a Cattery Aide because I find the work satisfying and I appreciate how thankful everyone is when I come in to help.”  

From volunteering at Greenhill Charles has learned, “how fast kittens get adopted. I used to think they would be at Greenhill for a little while but now I know that most get adopted as soon as they are available.” 

Charles grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts. He first came to Eugene to visit friends and liked it so much he decided to move here in 1977. His hometown is a college town, so he felt Eugene had the same atmosphere and he finds Eugene beautiful. Charles is retired but previously worked as a cook and handyman. He says, “I feel like I’ve come full circle since I was used to doing dishes when I was a line cook and now, I am able to help out with cattery dishes.” 

Charles enjoys birdwatching and gardening. He doesn’t currently have any pets but has had dogs and cats throughout his life. His most recent pet was a cat, Beauty, he adopted from a stray cat that had given birth in a friend’s garage.