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Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community!

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Volunteer Spotlight

August 2021

Angela and Lizzie Fischer

Meet Angela and Lizzie, our Volunteer of the Month for August! Angela and Lizzie started volunteering in November 2019 and have already contributed over 273 hours of service to our shelter. They volunteer as Small Animal Room Socialization Specialists – Rabbits.
Angela and Lizzie’s favorite aspect of volunteering is, “seeing the different personalities of the bunnies. They’re all special in their own way.” From volunteering at Greenhill, Angela and Lizzie have learned, “how to interpret bunny behavior, to know if they like to be petted or held, if they’re feeling anxious or need attention. We’ve also learned about caring for other small animals like guinea pigs and rats.”

Angela grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Lizzie grew up in Paris, Texas. They moved to Eugene from Paris, Texas 2 years ago when Angela’s husband took a position at the Springfield mill. Angela worked as a Mechanical Engineer in various positions for International Paper and is currently retired. Lizzie occasionally does online digital art commissions and will be a freshman at South Eugene High School in the fall. Angela and Lizzie have a hamster, a 6-year-old goldfish, Onyx, and 3 bunnies, Creampuff, Blueberry and Luna Bear. Lizzie says, “Creampuff is a Californian rabbit that our neighbor (back in Paris) used for 4H and then released at the end of the school year. We found him in our flowerbed, and he’s been with us ever since. Creampuff is a glutton and also very lazy. We adopted both Luna Bear and Blueberry from Greenhill. Blueberry is very energetic, and he loves to be kissed on the forehead. Luna Bear is very grumpy, but she loves Creampuff a lot.”

Angela likes to cook and loves baking bread. She enjoys history, especially family history, and genetic genealogy. Angela also enjoys working with her son on his mini-CNC machine. Lizzie likes to draw and create her own characters. She enjoys reading manga, manhwa, watching anime, and playing video games. Lizzie also collects anime figures and vocaloids.