Volunteer Information

Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community!

Volunteer Member Team Values


Update 4/1/2021 – Please note that due to COVID-19, in person new volunteer orientations are on hold until further notice. We are offering a virtual orientation option instead. Please refer to the list of Volunteer Team Opportunities (https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/OD?FROM=8527) for our current needs (areas not available are listed as full at the top of the description). We would love to have you register and get on the waitlist to join the team if any of the open positions would be a good fit for you. Follow the above link to register, complete your background check and we will reach out to you when we have our next set of virtual orientations available!
For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail us at 541.844.8824 or volunteer@green-hill.org. We can’t wait to have you on our team!

Ready to Volunteer?

If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please first watch this short video about our shelter and volunteer program. It will give you details on how to get started!  Volunteer Training Video

After watching the video if you would like to join us as a Greenhill volunteer, please pay for your volunteer registration fee using the link below. Be sure to select the package that fits the type of volunteering you will be doing! Pay Volunteer Registration Fee

After payment is processed you will receive an email to initiate your background check or with next steps (for those under 18).
Community service volunteers and students or those needing hours signed off on for school or a program, should also pay for their registration fee to get started. **If you have to meet specific volunteer hour requirements  (i.e. a certain # number of hours per day or per week), please contact the Volunteer Dept. prior to submitting your volunteer registration so we can make sure we can accommodate that.

Volunteer Spotlight

May 2021


Meet Gwyneth, our Volunteer of the Month for May! Gwyneth started volunteering in February 2020 and has already contributed over 88 hours of service to Greenhill. She volunteers as a Surgery Suite Assistant. Previously, Gwyneth volunteered at an elementary public school library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Arcas Wildlife Rescue Center in Guatemala and the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia.  

Gwyneth’s favorite aspect of volunteering is, “the ability to give back so I like that I can be part of helping these animals out. Particularly in the surgical suite I’ve gotten to learn a lot and it’s cool seeing how it’s all done (I’ve never been in a medical setting before). I also really like the people working in surgery, they are kind and caring, and just really hard working people.” 

From volunteering at Greenhill Gwyneth has learned, “a lot about surgery, instruments, etc. which has been really cool and very new to me. I’ve also learned that there are so many people who volunteer here and how it really helps Greenhill be able to function smoothly.” 

Gwyneth grew up in the small town of Bryn Athyn, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After visiting a cousin who lived here, she moved to Eugene in March 2018. Gwyneth says, “I like the size of the city, and the winters are way more mild than the icy cold winters back east, no humidity in the summer, and the nature and ability to get out and explore is outstanding and it’s just so beautiful!” Gwyneth began her career as a cake decorator in the Philadelphia area, first at a grocery store bakery and then as a baker/cake decorator at Be Well Bakery and Café. She currently works as a cake decorator at Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene.  

Gwyneth always had cats growing up and at one time her family had 6 cats. Now she has a medium sized dog, Koda, who loves to hike with her. Gwyneth enjoys exploring, hiking, swimming, being outside, reading, hanging out with friends, listening to podcasts, and snuggling with her dog.