Reading to Cats Program

The Reading to Cats Program is a literacy initiative encouraging children to read to cats at Greenhill who are awaiting adoption.

The Reading to Cats Program is a literacy initiative for children under 12. This program helps children develop their reading skills and their sense of compassion. They will learn about animal-savvy behavior and volunteerism. It also provides enrichment for our cats and helps them learn to trust children and adults through calm, positive interactions. 

For children over 12, click here to learn about our volunteer opportunities!)

Thank you for your interest in our Reading Program! See below for program details and how to sign up.

Program Details and Requirements

Prior to your arrival

When you arrive

During your visit

To help your child understand what cats prefer, we’ve included a Cat Body Language Diagram at this link. Please review it and pay special attention to the way a cat’s ears and tail show you how they feel. If you are uncertain about a cat’s body language, a Greenhill representative will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you for participating in our reading program! Feel free to take photos and tag us on social media @GreenhillHumane.  You will be asked to sign a waiver on your first visit. Have fun!