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Volunteer Team Opportunities

Do you have love to spare?

Volunteers are the foundation of Greenhill Humane Society, and animal enthusiasts just like you make up our volunteer force. Each month, over 350 volunteers from Lane and surrounding counties donate their time to helping the animals at our Green Hill Road and 1st Avenue Shelters. Without our volunteers, Greenhill could not provide its current high level of service to the animals and people of our community.

All of our volunteers team members share three things:

1) Compassion and responsibility for all animals
2) Consistency and reliability to help us care for our animals
3) Commitment to reducing animal overpopulation

We have exciting volunteer opportunities available at both of our shelter locations 7-days a week. Our shelters are located at:

Greenhill Humane Society – 88530 Green Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97402

1st Avenue Shelter – 3970 W 1st Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402

To learn more about our volunteer team positions, please click here for a complete list of those available or view some select opportunities below! 

In order to provide the best possible care for our animals, volunteers are
asked to commit to volunteering for one 2-hour shift per week for a minimum of 3 or 6 months. Volunteers between the ages of 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to volunteer on-site but can find lots of fun ways to help our
animals by visiting our Cub’s Corner page.

Janice H 3 (1)Are you looking to help wherever there is the highest need?

We are currently looking Mari A.for these unique high needs: main floor cleaning in the cattery at 1st Avenue and volunteers to help at special events out in the community.
If you are interested in helping out with these high needs areas, please talk to the Volunteer Department during the New Volunteer Orientation or email volunteer@green-hill.org.

To get started as a Greenhill volunteer, please complete our online volunteer application 
by clicking here. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to schedule you for an upcoming New Volunteer Meeting & Orientation Session (please check your e-mail for more information on signing up for a session). Please complete a separate application for all individuals who will be volunteering.Autumn U.

(If you would like to become a foster parent, please complete the online foster care application on the foster care page).


Individuals who are required to complete court-mandated community service hours can apply to complete their service hours at Greenhill Humane Society or the 1st Avenue Shelter through our Court-Mandated Community Service Program. Please contact 541-844-8824 for more information on how to apply. Individuals required to complete court-mandated community service program should not complete the online volunteer application.

Lisa A. (1)

For more information about volunteering with Greenhill or if you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail us at 541-844-8824 or volunteer@green-hill.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Find ways to help Greenhill:
• If you are 16 years or older
• If you are between 12 – 15 years old
• If you are part of a community or corporate volunteer group
Foster Care Volunteering
• Court mandated community service
• Cub’s Corner (under 12 years of age)

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The-Pawsitive-Press-10-2016– Greenhill’s Volunteer and Foster Newsletter

Volunteer Spotlight
Pete Rasmussen
October 2016
Meet Pete- October’s Volunteer of the Month. Pete has contributed almost 400 hours of service to the Greenhill Cattery since May 2015. He clearly demonstrates his love for cats and helping others during each and every shift at Greenhill! We can’t thank him enough for all the support and enthusiasm he brings to our shelter!
Enjoy his inspiring story below-

“Ten years ago our 19 year old cat died and my wife Betsy, said she wanted another male cat that she was going to name Max. We lived in Port Orford and Betsy was already semi house bound so I came to Eugene alone where our Son, Mark, and his Wife, Mely, live to look for a new cat. Mark and Mely started my search by taking me to the Greenhill Cattery. There were many cats on the main floor and we spent about half an hour looking for a good match. I had knelt down trying to get a particular cat to come to me when another black cat came running over to me. I checked his collar, and his Cattery name was Max! The rest was history, and for Betsy’s last 7 years Max was her constant companion, filling her days with love and devotion that flowed both ways.

Much of what I do now is payback, not only to Max for all he helped Betsy during her final years, but also to Greenhill. Max was a badly injured stray that had ended up at the Cottage Grove shelter. Cottage Grove did not have the resources needed to save Max’s life and would have put him to sleep if Greenhill had not accepted him and performed the necessary surgery, etc. that he needed.   My current volunteer duties are helping with main floor cleaning at the Greenhill Cattery on Friday, Saturday, and Monday mornings. The big reward is in seeing the various cats being adopted into their forever homes. I believe the clean environment contributes to the positive experience potential adopters have at Greenhill. In addition, I am happy to help the staff get these chores done so that they have more time for their more technical duties, such as those that were so necessary to restore Max’s health.

I do not do any other volunteer work at this time. At 76 I have slowed down a lot. Activities that I enjoyed for years, such as tennis, camping, boating, fishing, horseshoes, and even Frisbee have gone by the wayside due to arthritis and energy levels. My current and most rewarding activity is biking, both for exercise and recreational enjoyment. Of course my bikes now have three wheels and a little electric assist motor for the hills!   I have been surprised by how much the stress of being in the Cattery affects individual cats. I’m spoiled by Max since he is always receptive to affection and attention, whereas each cat at the Cattery has its own rules of engagement.

Even though I moved to Eugene less than three years ago, I still get to trump some longtime residents with the fact that I lived in Eugene from 1941 until early 1946. After graduating from OSU I taught high school math for a few years before settling into a long career of business computer programming, wrapping up with a 25 year stint at Roseburg Forest Products from 1977 until 2002. Now as an OSU alumnus and a resident of Eugene I feel compelled to fly both a Beaver and a Duck flag on my trike.”