April 21, 2016

Barkers in Blue – Eugene Animal Services and Eugene Police Department Team Up to Help Homeless Pets

BarkinthePark Poster 2016

April 21st, 2016

Barkers in Blue

Eugene Animal Services and Eugene Police Department Join Forces to Raise Funds for Homeless Pets

Eugene, OR: Greenhill Humane Society’s 23rd annual Bark in the Park walk, run and fundraiser is coming up on Sunday, May 15th. This year, the humane society is excited to welcome a new team to the cause – Barkers in Blue, the City of Eugene Animal Services/Police Department’s team.

The City of Eugene and Greenhill Humane Society have been partners in caring for local abused, neglected and lost pets since Greenhill began sheltering animals at the 1st Avenue Shelter in 2012.

“We have deeply appreciated working so closely with the City these last four years,” says Cary Lieberman, Greenhill Humane Society’s Executive Director. “The dedication of these officers for the care and safety of animals is incredible. The fact that they have formed this team proves even more just how far that dedication goes.”

While Greenhill Humane Society receives funding from their contract with local municipalities, the majority of their operations are funded by private donations and fundraisers. Bark in the Park is the shelters’ largest fundraiser of the year. Greenhill is hoping to raise $90,000, all of which will go directly to the care of animals at their facilities.

“Members of our department have been participating in the event for years, and we figured it was time we created our own team,” says Molly Monette, Eugene Animal Services Supervisor and the Barkers in Blue Team Captain. “I am excited to be doing something fun with the Police Department family while supporting a great cause in the community.”

So far, the Barkers in Blue are the sixth highest fundraising team for Bark in the Park, having raised $490 as of the time of this release.


If you are not yet registered for Bark in the Park, now is the time! You can register now by clicking here.