April 12, 2017

How to fundraise for the animals

MarciAnn and her family.

This year, our goal for Bark in the Park is to raise $100,000 for the animals. We can’t do it without your help. Fundraising can feel overwhelming – so we’ve reached out to one of our best fundraisers for some advice!

MarciAnn is the definition of animal rescuer. She goes above and beyond for all animals, from cats to horses and everything in between. Bark in the Park is her fundraiser of choice for Greenhill Humane Society each year, and MarciAnn takes her fundraising to the next level. She has consistently been a top fundraiser and top team captain every year she participates (go Metal Maidens!), raising thousands of dollars to help homeless pets.

So how does MarciAnn do it? She’s offered to share some tips!

  1. “People want to give, but they aren’t always sure how,” says MarciAnn. So give them an avenue! Tell them about your fundraising goal and ask them to help. (They can’t help if you don’t ask!) Don’t forget to tell them where their money is going – give them facts about Greenhill and why you support the animals.
  2. When you send a solicitation email or letter, make sure to personalize it! A personal appeal helps your family and friends know why this matters.
  3. If appropriate, include a blurb in your email signature at work linking to your fundraising page. This is a subtle way to ask everyone you interact with.
  4. Hit a lull? Do a raffle on your Facebook page! Throw some cute items together and ask for friends to contribute $5 for a ticket. Some of your friends may even be able to contribute items to raffle to help boost your ticket sales.
  5. Get your family on board. “I could do none of this without my husband and the support of my family,” says MarciAnn. “He shares my passion for animals and their welfare. Our children too share this passion and are on board 100% of the time.” MarciAnn’s family often join her fundraising team and hand out flyers to friends and coworkers about how to donate to support their fundraising goal.

Lastly, share your passion! MarciAnn shares her goal with everyone she meets. “People love doing business with people who love animals,” she says. “I love animals, and my donors know that.” Take a leaf out of MarciAnn’s book and share your commitment to saving lives with others – you never know who you’ll inspire to help. Get registered now!