January 6, 2021

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails for Walk Your Pet Month

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails for Walk your Pet Month

Blog post created by Sam Cryer, Greenhill Humane Society volunteer

What better time to get outside and explore local trails with your pup than “Walk Your Pet” month?! Dogs love outdoor exercise, and they’re a big help when it comes to keeping that new goal of getting outside and exercising more. To help jumpstart your outdoor exploration, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite walking/hiking trails to help you and your pup stay in shape and enjoy the great outdoors!

Pre’s Trail — Located within Alton Baker Park (which also boasts a dog park), Pre’s Trail is a 4-mile woodchip and bark trail with views of duck ponds, grasslands, and woods. It’s part of a larger network of well-established running trails, so a great introduction to all the walking and running trails the Eugene-Springfield area has to offer.

Mount Pisgah — Mount Pisgah is a 3.3 mile dog-friendly hike. Note, you do do have to pay to park, however, the views of the Willamette Valley from the top of the hill are worth it!

Mount Baldy Trail — Just shy of 3 miles long, Mount Baldy’s low altitude makes it a good choice for newbies. It’s a great spot to ease yourself into hiking while still enjoying a good walk in a woodsy area.

Iris Ridge Trail — Part of the Ridgeline Trail System, Iris Ridge Trail is a 2.6 mile loop off of Bailey Hill road—popular with dogs and owners. In the spring it lives up to its name, with purple wild irises dotting the trail. The panoramic view of West Eugene can be enjoyed any time of year! (Although parts of the trail are gravel, most of it is dirt—so be prepared for some mud during the rainy season).

Spencer Butte –One of Eugene’s most popular trails, Spencer Butte is a 1.7 mile loop that stays busy year-round. Most of the path is dirt, so wear your waterproof boots, and be aware that the exposed bedrock near the summit can be slippery when wet. It’s a bit of a scramble at the top, but on clear days you can see the Three Sisters in the distance.

Ribbon Trail to Floral Hill — Another 1.7 mile trail, Ribbon Trail at Hendricks Park has lots of pretty wildflowers to enjoy in the spring and summer months—and lots of greenery year-round. While dogs are welcome on the trail itself, they’re not allowed in the Native Plant and Rhododendron Gardens.

Crilly Nature Trail – A nice quick one, Crilly Nature Trail is a 1/2-mile loop through deciduous forest. Although it’s short, it’s located within Armitage Park in the Coburg area of Eugene—which also has a fenced dog park, so your canine friend can burn off any extra energy after their walk.

One of the many advantages of living in the Eugene-Springfield area is the abundance of beautiful walking and hiking trails. We hope this list gives you and your pet a starting point and that you discover many more hidden gems during Walk Your Pet month! Happy hiking, everyone!