Disaster Resources & Emergency Updates

Greenhill partners with local and state animal agencies to assist with animal care and evacuation during disaster response. Find out more about disaster resources and emergency updates during an event.

Disaster Updates - Holiday Farm Fire 2020

The Holiday Farm Fire affected Lane County in Sept. of 2020. It caused a large evacuation of the McKenzie River district, resulting many people and animals being displaced. Greenhill provided ongoing care for displaced animals, lost & found animals, and helped to provide disaster resources for people and their pets. Below are some images from the Holiday Farm Fire and Greenhill’s efforts to help the people and pets of Lane County. 

Disaster Resources

Greenhill Humane Society can provide the following services to those affected by local disaster emergencies:

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Additional Disaster Animal Resources in Lane County

Resources for Large animals including livestock and horses can be found at this link which is maintained by the Oregon Animal Control Council 

Injured wildlife in the fire evacuation zones can be reported to Cascades Raptor Center at 541-485-1320 during this time.

How you can prepare for a disaster

The following resources can help you stay up-to-date during an emergency: