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As Spring approaches so does kitten season! Kitten season has already begun at Greenhill Humane Society which means it’s time for us to bulk up on care supplies for the hundreds of feline babies who are about to come through our doors. Whether you’re a local cat lover or someone just looking to make a difference, please consider sending us a pack of vital supplies to help us save kitty lives.

Feel free to choose a gift on the registry, www.babylist.com/kittens-GreenhillHumaneSociety,  to help the kittens that are already here or on their way! You can also stop by the shelter to drop off donations.  Keep an eye on our website, www.green-hill.org/adopt_cat to see all of the sweet kittens that are on their way to their forever homes. If you see a kitten that steals your heart please visit Greenhill between 11 am – 5 pm. All adoptions will be on a first come first serve limited capacity basis.

Thank you for all of the kitten love and for supporting our life-saving work!

Kitten season is the time of year when unspayed, female cats are likely to have a litter of kittens. It is during kitten season when Greenhill Humane Society is filled with kittens. It is a great time to adopt a kitten but also a reminder of the importance of spaying and neutering cats.