June 9, 2016

Greenhill Humane Society & 1st Avenue Shelter Seek Kitten and Cat Fosters

June 10th, 2016

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Eugene, OR: “Kitten season” typically takes place from spring to fall, when cats most often give birth. This year, though, Greenhill Humane Society is seeing kittens much earlier in the year than normal.

With litters and adult cats coming in earlier, the shelters are seeking new foster families.

1st Avenue Shelter is seeing a number of abandoned kittens coming in who are not yet old enough to be adopted. In addition, some kittens come in with nursing mothers who need a safe space where they can grow and be well socialized before being made available for adoption.

“If you’ve thought about fostering a cat, now is a great time to get started,” says Cary Lieberman, Executive Director of Greenhill Humane Society. “We can use kitten fosters as well as adult cat fosters to provide temporary care for these animals until they become available for adoption.”

Here are some great reasons to become a foster family:

  • Fostering gives you a chance to witness the miracle of life as kittens learn and grow.
  • Children of foster families learn to give back to their community and develop a sense of compassion for animals.
  • Foster kitten stays are usually between 2 to 10 weeks depending on the kittens’ needs and your availability.
  • Summer is a great time to foster now that kids are out of school.
  • Fostering is a bonding experience for families who give back to their community together.
  • You save lives and make a difference for these pets, knowing you helped start their lives off on the right ‘paw.’

Individuals, couples, and family fosters are all welcome. Anyone interested in fostering can call 541-689-1503×114 or learn more about our foster program by clicking here!