December 30, 2019

Greenhill Humane Society Reunites Lost Pig With Her Family

Eugene, OR – (December 27, 2019) –Greenhill Humane Society

On Monday, December 24th a Good Samaritan in the Thurston area called Greenhill Humane Society to report a large, stray pig found on their property.  Greenhill staff assisted the family and by Monday evening the pig was resting comfortably in Greenhill’s animal care facility located in West Eugene. 

It took 4 days for Suzie’s owner to connect with Greenhill because in their words, “why would a dog and cat shelter have our pig?”  Greenhill notes that in addition to caring for thousands of lost or homeless dogs and cats each year, they also care for a variety of other species. 

“So far in 2019 we have cared for 18 different species and reunited over 850 companion animals* with their families, including cats, dogs, birds, chickens, goats, rabbits, tortoises, and now a pig,” says Cary Lieberman, Greenhill’s Executive Director.  “We’re pleased to work with local animal welfare officers, law enforcement officers and Good Samaritans who bring us lost animals every day of the year.  For the health of our community, it’s crucial that Greenhill is here to provide a safety net for these vulnerable animals, including secure shelter, healthy food and when necessary, medical care.”

Suzie’s family members were thrilled to be reunited with her earlier today.  They were first notified Friday morning that she was being cared for by Greenhill thanks to a comment from a Greenhill staff member on their “lost pig” Facebook post.  “Pigs are not generally microchipped,” notes Lieberman, “which can make locating their owner a little more difficult.”

Tonight Suzie is safe at home with her loving family who says they will keep a closer eye on her in the future.

To reunite lost animals faster, Greenhill recommends that your companion animal should always wear current and accurate identification, including a tag with a working phone number and a microchip in case their identification comes off. If your pet is microchipped, confirm that the contact information is up to date.

If you have lost or found a pet, immediately contact your local animal welfare office.

• Cottage Grove – Humane Society of Cottage Grove: 541.942.3130
• Eugene – Eugene Animal Services: 541.687.4060
• Unincorporated Lane County – Lane County Animal Services: 541.682.3645
• Springfield – Springfield Animal Control/Police Dept.: 344 A Street: 541.726.3634
• Veneta – Veneta Animal Control/City Hall: 88184 8th street: 541.935.2191

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Greenhill Humane Society: Greenhill Humane Society has been caring for animals in Lane County since 1944.  It is a private, non-profit organization that relies on charitable donations.  Greenhill operates two shelters in Eugene, Oregon, 88530 Green Hill Road and 3970 West 1st Avenue.  We envision a community in which all companion animals have loving homes and are treated with compassion and respect.