How to Locate a Missing Pet

When your pet goes missing, it can be very upsetting. Below are some helpful tips on how to locate your missing pet.

For a missing indoor cat begin at the escape point, looking around and under your house. For dogs or outdoor cats, call the missing pet as you normally would on a frequent basis.

Go door-to-door looking for neighbors who may have seen your dog. Establish a line of travel and focus on that direction. For cats, ask permission to search yards within a five-house radius. Check carefully under houses and hiding places with a flashlight.

Make sure that callers hear a message with details about your pet’s situation and your cell number.

Visit our Lost and Found page to learn about reporting or retrieving a lost pet in Lane County, Oregon. Check the Greenhill Lost and Found Pets on Facebook.

Here is a list of local Veterinarian Offices & info for the Emergency Vet Hospital.

In a worst case scenario, your pet may have been hurt and brought to a veterinarian office or hospital to receive care.

If your pet has a microchip implanted, call the company as soon as they go missing. The microchip company will put an alert on your pet’s account, and they can help re-unite you if your pet’s microchip is scanned. 

Make a ‘Lost Pet’ flyer with your pets description, a picture if you have one, and information on how to reach you. Place posters within a one mile radius of your house and along major intersections. If you can afford it, a reward can be helpful.  Also, seek permission to hang your posters in the following local businesses:
• Gas Stations
• Restaurants
• Convenience & Grocery Stores; ask to add an extra poster in their pet food aisles
• Veterinary Clinics
• Pet Groomers, Stores & Trainers
• Dog Walking Services or Doggie Day Care (they’re quicker to spot animals).
• Laundromats
• Churches & Community Centers

Here are templates for lost/found flyers

Found Dog
Found Cat
Lost Dog
Lost Cat

Post a lost and found ad on websites like that allow you to submit a written description of your pet as well as a picture immediately. You can also place an ad in your local newspaper; some will run a lost pet ad for free.

Important! When describing your pet on posters or in ads, leave out one identifying characteristic. This will protect you from pet-recovery scams and will let you know when you have definitely found your pet. Be wary of people who insist that you wire them money for them to return your pet.

Other Lost/Found Pet Resources

There are many places on the Internet to list and look for a lost pet. Below are a few of the most popular:

Click the banner above to file a lost/found report on the Petco Lovelost national database