June 8, 2021

It’s Best Friend’s Day!

Who’s Your Best Friend?

Blog post created by Sam Cryer, Greenhill Humane Society volunteer


People get asked a lot of questions. “What do you do for a living?” “What do you drive?” “What’s your favorite food?” “What kind of music do you like?” and, of course, “If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring?”

A question you don’t hear very often is, “Who’s your best friend?” It’s a good question, and in honor of Best Friend’s Day on June 8th, I’d like to answer it!

My best friend is a feisty redhead who’s opinionated, vocal, and often hilarious without meaning to be. A staunch vegan with a big appetite, he encourages me to eat healthy. He’s an early riser (and, since we’re roommates, has converted me to his way of thinking) who likes to get outside every day and has a weakness for chick flicks. (Don’t tell anyone). Although he has some trust issues we’re working through and is terrible about keeping his space clean, he’s also great with kids, can make me smile no matter mood I’m in, and reminds me what’s really important in life. His name is Wilbur—and he’s a guinea pig.

From my time volunteering at Greenhill, I’ve learned that best friends come in all shapes and sizes—and species. The best of best friends are fun to hang out with, accept you for who you are even while encouraging you to be your best self, and offer the kind of love and wisdom (with or without words) that makes life meaningful.

While a best friend isn’t the answer to every question in life, I’ve found that they can be the answer to a lot of them. Why do I eat healthy? How do I make it to work on time without setting an alarm? Who do I like to hang out with? Wilbur!

And it’s not just the little questions either. What about the bigger questions that we all ask ourselves at one point or another? Questions like: How do I make time to enjoy the journey and smell the roses? What makes me smile? Who accepts me for exactly who I am? A big part of the answer, for me, is my best friend, Wilbur.

So—if you haven’t been asked enough questions today, here’s a good one: Who’s your best friend? Whoever they are, give them an extra big Best Friends Day hug. And share the love! We want to get to know your BFF too—so tag us on social media and tell us all about that special someone!

And hey, if you don’t have an answer, check out our website to see who is looking for their forever family. Everyone needs a best friend, and everyone needs some answers to the questions life asks of us. Who knows? You just might find both at Greenhill.