September 18, 2020

Kamerun reunited with family after evacuating their house

Happy reunion alert! Look at this pure, joyous moment when a senior lab, Kamerun, was reunited with his family! 🥰💕 Kamerun’s family had to evacuate their home last week and brought 7 of their animals to Greenhill for emergency pet boarding. This includes their 2 dogs (Kamerun & Tequoia), 4 cats (Chocolate, Han Solo, Isabella & Snowbear), and a very curious little hedgehog (Rajah)! 😍

Tequoia, Isabella & Snowbear joined Kamerun’s reunification with their family while Chocolate and Han Solo continue their stay at the shelter to receive medical treatment. They will be returning back home very soon, and until then, Rajah (who has become very popular among the Greenhill staff) will be getting lots of socialization time and treats! 😂

We are sending our biggest thanks and sincerest gratitude to all the firefighters, personnel and rescues working together to protect our community and animals affected by the fires.