Greenhill’s foster program helps animals receive the care and love they need, like Linus, a 5 week old kitten that was transferred to Greenhill from another animal shelter. When he arrived, he was small for his age and had a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This disease occurs from birth and causes lifelong problems with motor skills and coordination, such as wobbly walking, head bobbing when eating and difficulty jumping. Even with his special needs, Greenhill’s staff noticed Linus was sweet and friendly. Linus went to two foster homes where he received love and support to help gain his confidence. Throughout his stays he was observed by our veterinarian and also treated for an upper respiratory infection. When it was time for Linus to go up for adoption, his foster family couldn’t let him go! They love how the Cerebellar Hypoplasia doesn’t slow him down so they adopted him!