May 20, 2021

Phoenix, a strong, resilient pup

It’s National Rescue Dog Day so we wanted to highlight one of our special, resilient residents.
Meet sweet girl, Phoenix who is one tough, triumphant pup so deserving of love. When she came into Greenhill she was covered in fleas, had scabs all over from scratching herself raw, and was hairless due to the flea infestation. After her initial exam, our vet said this could have all been avoided with regular flea meds. After over a month of much-needed TLC, walks, medication, and socialization, this amazing girl learned to be a dog!
Despite her painful past, she is a lovable girl who always greets our team with sloppy kisses and a wiggling tail. Not only has her skin healed up, she now plays, runs around, and shows so much joy. Phoenix is one of the many neglected animals that come through our doors needing urgent attention, but she is a reminder of why we do what we do. We love this goofball, squeaker-loving girl and can’t wait for her to find her forever family who will give her endless love, cheese, and attention! Talk about a #glowup!