October 7, 2019

The Myth on Black Cats and Halloween

Blog post created by Sam Cryer, Greenhill Humane Society volunteer

Black cats have played a starring role in myths and superstitions for centuries—and they still get a lot of attention come October. But what’s the truth about black cats and Halloween?

Is Halloween especially dangerous for black cats?

Although myths of Halloween-related mistreatment of animals abound, they are exactly that—myths. According to the ASPCA, HSUS, and many others, black cats are in no more danger in October than at any other time of year—nor are they more likely to be mistreated than other animals.

Does Greenhill adopt out black cats on and around Halloween?

Absolutely! Black is one of the most common cat colors, so Greenhill almost always has black kitties staying at the shelter. Because of their common coloring, black cats often spend about three times longer at the shelter than other cats, so we don’t want to delay their adoption even further by limiting black cat adoptions in October. If a qualified adopter is interested in adding a dark-furred family member, they are welcome to do so at any time of year!

How do you know black cats adopted during the Halloween season will be safe?

Members of Greenhill’s staff provide extensive counseling to prospective pet parents to make sure the animals in our care go to safe and loving homes where they will be cared for year-round. If problems come up, we are always here to answer questions and provide support, and we offer a guarantee of taking back any of our animals if things don’t work out.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to celebrate Halloween this year, come out to the shelter and meet some of our feline friends. You never know what color kitty will cast a spell on you!

Bonus: Tips for keeping your pets safe this Halloween

Whether you’re bringing a new pet into your home this Halloween or spending the holiday with some familiar furry friends, here are a few tips for keeping them safe and comfortable:

Keep your Halloween candy away from pets. Candy isn’t good for animals, and chocolate can be especially dangerous. If you’d like your pet to enjoy some seasonal treats, pick up some yummies that are specifically designed for animals so you can be sure they’re safe.

Halloween can be hectic, with costumed strangers knocking on the door all evening. Be aware that some costumes can scare your pet, and use caution when answering the door.

Keep your pet in a safe place so they can’t escape through that door you just opened to trick-or-treaters. Making sure your pet’s environment is as familiar and calm as possible will help them to enjoy the holiday and feel safe and cozy this Halloween.