Trap Neuter Return Program Update

July 7th, 2016

2016 TNR FlyerEugene, OR  – Kitten season is in full swing now, and Greenhill Humane Society wants to remind the community that they offer free spay and neuter for feral, colony, stray and free-roaming cats.

Female cats can begin reproducing as early as four months old, and can have three litters of six+ kittens a year. Without outside control, feral cat populations can skyrocket very quickly. Greenhill often receives phone calls about feral cats causing issues, including fights with owned pets, or sick or injured ferals in neighborhoods.

Trap Neuter Return programs, such as Greenhill’s, are a humane, effective solution to these issues. Spaying and neutering improves the health of feral cats, decreases their penchant for fighting and spraying, and stabilizes the population over time.

This is Greenhill’s 10th year providing FREE spay and neuter surgeries for Lane County’s feral, stray, and free-roaming cats. As of June 30th this year, Greenhill Humane Society has spayed and neutered 443 of these cats, which had a high impact on pet overpopulation in the local area.

Greenhill’s TNR program is completely free for any free-roaming cat in Lane County. People can simply call the TNR coordinator to schedule an appointment for surgery. Greenhill then provides humane traps for a refundable deposit. Once trapped, the individual brings the cat to their appointment, where the cat is spayed or neutered. They are then released back into the neighborhood where they came from.
Greenhill also provides educational services for people. They teach colony care classes twice a year, and their TNR coordinator provides education for each person who brings cats in for the program.  Their goal? To have a feral cat population that is kept healthy through TNR and education.

“We want to provide care for our communities’ residents, both human and feline,” says Cary Lieberman, Greenhill Humane Society’s Executive Director. “TNR has been proven as the best way to do that. We’re proud to have such a robust TNR program and look forward to further growth in the rest of 2016.”

Now is a great time to increase trapping and neutering in our county!  Greenhill’s FREE trap-neuter-return program is the largest in Lane County.

Lane County residents can call Greenhill’s TNR coordinator Diana Huntington at 541-689-1503×140 to schedule an appointment and pick up traps.

Greenhill’s free TNR program is funded by generous donations. Those wishing to help the program can donate at by clicking here and writing “TNR program” in the notes section.