October 20, 2020

Tripper reunited after getting stolen!

Happy ending alert! Early Saturday morning Brian’s truck, trailer, ATV and HIS DOG, Tripper, were stolen in Florence. Later that day, a good Samaritan called the Eugene Police Department after witnessing a vehicle abandon a dog in a crate at an intersection. Eugene PD picked up the dog and brought him to Greenhill. Luckily, this guy was microchipped!! When we contacted Brian, we learned these two are originally from Salem and just happened to be in Florence for a camping trip. When he discovered Tripper was gone, he said looking in Eugene was never on his mind. Watch the sweet moment these two were reunited!

This reunification displays the importance of microchipping your pet (& making sure your contact info is up to date)! Thanks to Tripper’s microchip, we found his family in a matter of minutes! Learn more about the importance of microchipping at, https://www.green-hill.org/microchipping-and-why-its-important.