April 12, 2019

Why you should adopt a shy cat

Some cats may be shy but once they warm up to you the wait will be worth it. The expert staff at Greenhill can help you find the perfect companion animal you are looking for and give you advice on how to better acclimate your new friend to your house.

According to the Cat Adoption team website:

Here are some tips to help shy cats get comfortable:

  • Set a routine. An uncertain cat feels more settled when she knows what to expect and when.
  • Find common ground. Take some time to learn what activities your new feline friend prefers. Does he respond well to being brushed? Love snacks? Always play with wand toys? Use these distractions to encourage and reward interaction.
  • Respect personal space. Forcing a cat to endure cuddling will only make things worse. Start out by simply sharing the space without interaction. Sit in the same room and read, play quiet video games, or even watch TV. Provide kitty with alone time too.
  • Take baby steps. As your new cat gets more comfortable, increase the length of interactions a few minutes each day. Use treats to reward your kitty after she lets you pet her or hold her—even if just for a few moments.

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