July 19, 2022

Greenhill Humane Society Receives Twenty-Six Cats From Hoarding and Abandonment Case

The cats will be available for adoption this week

EUGENE, OREGON(July 18, 2022) – On Monday, July 11, twenty-six cats were received by Greenhill Humane Society from a local hoarding case. The cats were all abandoned in a rented Eugene apartment.

“Based on the condition of the cats, it’s clear that their living conditions were inhumane,” says Hannah Washington, Greenhill’s Feline Program Manager. “The cats all have ringworm, and some are very under-socialized. We are working to provide them the care and treatment they need.”

These cats add to the total of 37 cats that Greenhill is caring for with ringworm, a highly contagious, but treatable zoonotic disease. Treatment can take months in the shelter and a significant amount of time and resources. For that reason, Greenhill is looking to find families to adopt the cats while still under treatment.  Adopters will be provided with training and supplies to continue treatment in their home.

“It’s critical that we find homes for these cats quickly,” says Megan Burroughs, Greenhill’s Community Engagement & Humane Education Manager. “We currently have over 200 animals in our care, and more coming in every day. Because each of these cats require extra time and care, it reduces the number of animals we can care for overall.”

Some of the cats will be available for adoption beginning on Wednesday, July 20. The age of the cats ranges from 6 months old to 5 years old. While some of the cats are shy, many are very friendly and affectionate. There will be a special process for adopters including education about the cats’ care needs. Adopters will be provided supplies necessary to make treatment manageable. People interested in adopting these cats can visit Greenhill’s website (www.green-hill.org) or visit the shelter starting Wednesday morning between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. The shelter is operating on a first come first served limited capacity basis.

People interested in becoming a foster family for any of these cats that are not yet ready for adoption can learn more here (https://www.green-hill.org/foster_care). People can also support the care of these cats and others like them with a donation at https://www.green-hill.org/donate. Click here to donate.

For more information about Greenhill Humane Society, visit www.green-hill.org.


About Greenhill Humane Society
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