March 7, 2017

Greenhill Announces New Building Plans

March 7th, 2017

Greenhill Humane Society operates the largest animal shelters in the Eugene/Springfield area and cares for animals from all over Lane County. Their life-saving rate is among the best in the country, but they are limited by their two aging and inadequate facilities. The community’s call to provide better behavioral and medical care for animals in need exceeds current capacity. This project will enable Greenhill Humane Society to provide a higher level of care for the animals while at the same time improving access to Greenhill’s programs and services for people in the community. 

This is why Greenhill Humane Society is embarking on a $5.6 million campaign to improve the lives of homeless, abandoned and neglected animals, as well as the lives of people who love animals.

“This project stands alone as the single most important project to help local animal welfare in our community. If you care about animals, if you care about our community’s health, please consider supporting this project,” says Cary Lieberman, Executive Director.

See more about our project and help us build our humane community at