June 26, 2024

Pet Safety for Fourth of July Celebrations

Fireworks & neighborhood noises may cause stress for animals

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, Greenhill Humane Society wants to remind pet parents of the importance of keeping pets safe indoors and updating identification tags.

“Fourth of July should be a fun day for everyone, including your four-legged friends,” said Sarah Bouzad, Greenhill’s Community Engagement & Events Manager. “Unfortunately, the loud noises from fireworks can cause panic, confusion, and stress for pets which can lead to them getting out and getting lost. It’s important to ensure your pet is safe inside and that they are wearing up-to-date identification tags in case they end up running outside. If someone loses their pet or finds a lost animal, check-in with Greenhill Humane Society and call your local animal control agency.”

Loud noises, especially over prolonged periods, can frighten and confuse animals. While some pets don’t seem to mind, others hide, tremble, or run away. When they are in that state of fear a screen door or fence might not stop a dog that is trying to get away. Unfortunately, every year at this time, many pets and their people get separated.

Greenhill Humane Society is the stray intake shelter for most of Lane County. If your pet is missing, check the shelter’s website, www.green-hill.org, fill out an online lost report at www.green-hill.org/lostreport or call 541-689-1503. The shelter’s website is updated in real-time as animals are brought to the facility. Greenhill will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

It remains illegal to use “consumer” fireworks within Eugene city limits.

In an effort to keep pets safe at home, Greenhill is offering these tips for pet owners:

-Do not bring your pet to fireworks displays.

-When fireworks are being used, keep pets indoors. Scared pets may dig under or climb fences, or break through gates when spooked by the sound of fireworks.

-Keep your pet in a quiet room, play calming music, turn on a fan, or provide other background noise to help soothe them. Shut the windows and curtains and use treats to distract a scared animal.

-For pets that are extremely stressed by fireworks, make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss medications and other alternatives to help calm your pet before the holiday.

-Make sure your pet is wearing current identification, even if they are kept inside. A tag with a current phone number can get your pet home much faster. Greenhill recommends a microchip for your pet, in case their collar comes off. If your pet is microchipped, verify that your information is up to date. Visit AAHA Microchip search, to find out how to contact your pet’s microchip manufacturer to update microchip information.

If you have lost or found a pet, in addition to contacting Greenhill Humane Society, contact your local animal control office.
• Cottage Grove – Cottage Grove Police Department: 541-942-9145
• Eugene – Eugene Animal Services: 541-687-4060
• Unincorporated Lane County – Lane County Animal Services: 541-682-3645
• Springfield – Springfield Animal Control/Police Dept.: 344 A Street: 541-726-3634
• Veneta – Veneta Animal Control/City Hall: 88184 8th street: 541-935-2191

Report Lost and Found Pets online at www.green-hill.org/lostreport.

Learn more at www.green-hill.org/lost_and_found_reports.

To learn more about Greenhill Humane Society or tips on keeping your pets safe on the Fourth of July, visit www.green-hill.org.