July 21, 2016

Age is Just a Number, and Love Has No Price

Greenhill Humane Society Waives Fees for Seniors from 7/22 – 7/28

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July 22nd, 2016

Age is just a number catsEugene, OR – Senior animals make wonderful pets. They’re often already housetrained, know their obedience training, and have established personalities, which make them easy fits for those seeking a particular type of pet. Despite their amazing traits, senior pets are often passed over for younger animals.

Greenhill Humane Society and 1st Avenue Shelter are promoting the awesomeness of senior pets by offering a fee-waived adoption for any seniors in their care, from dogs and cats, to the one senior rat at the Greenhill road shelter.

“Senior pets are wonderful,” says Lauren Merge, Communications and Events Manager for Greenhill Humane Society. “They’re mellow, loving, and smart – and they seem to know that they’ve been rescued. They look at you with gratitude when you bring them home.”

Unlike puppies or kittens who require extensive training and activity, senior pets fit into your life – they’re already great dogs and cats. Whether you’re looking for a companion to go on long walks with, or someone to relax with on the couch or porch, a senior pet can be a great fit.Age is just a number...

Greenhill staff understands that one of the barriers to adopting a senior pet may be financial- senior pets can require additional medical care. While the shelter provides dental work and other needed medical care for seniors, it is important for adopters to provide ongoing medical care through their own vet after bringing their pet home. That’s why, for the week of July 22nd through 28th, Greenhill Humane Society and 1st Avenue Shelter are waiving adoption fees for senior pets. You can bring home the perfect best friend at no charge. Donations are encouraged at time of adoption to help offset the cost of caring for these pets and others like them. The shelter staff are hopeful that this promotion will increase awareness of how wonderful senior pets are, and encourage more families to consider adopting them.