January 22, 2024

Greenhills Severe Winter Weather Response

Updated 1/22/2024

Our community has again been hit with a severe weather disaster, this time in the form of an ice storm that, for many, was worse than the storm of 2019. Throughout our county, thousands of trees collapsed under the weight of the ice, taking out electric, water and communications utilities. Roadways were blocked, travel was unsafe, and tens of thousands of people lost power for days. Thousands of people are still without power and will be for some time to come. For many families, there will be weeks and months of continued recovery.

Greenhill Humane Society has been working with our community partners to help the people and pets who have been impacted. Our Executive Director, Cary Lieberman, has been within the County Emergency Operations Center providing volunteer and resource support. He reports, “Each day there have been hundreds of people working to provide critical support for our community. Between the water, electric and cable utilities, Public Health and Human Services, Public Works, emergency responders, our hospitals, and organizations like American Red Cross, Food for Lane County, LTD & RideSource, 211, Central Aid Agency, Greenhill Humane Society, and many others, people have been working around the clock to address the needs. And it should be recognized that even before the ice storm hit, community partners were planning for the severe winter weather and St. Vincent de Paul and Egan Warming Centers had facilities open for people and pets who needed overnight respite from the cold.”

During this time, Greenhill Humane Society has so far distributed over 2,000 pounds of pet food and supplies to overnight shelters and resource centers in Creswell, Cottage Grove, Eugene, and Springfield to support people and pets who have lost homes or had to evacuate because of safety and lack of power and heat. We’ve also been providing crisis shelter at the Greenhill facility for pets while their family rebuilds from the storm damage.

If you need resources, for yourself please use this link for the most up to date information from Lane County.

If you need pet food or other support for your pets, please call Greenhill at 541-689-1503, visit our shelter, or use this link for more information: https://www.green-hill.org/pet-food-bank/

If you can support Greenhill’s disaster response efforts, we could use donations of high-quality pet food, medium to XXL crates in good condition, items from our Wishlist, or a financial donation.

Thank you and please take care.


Greenhill Humane Society