October 20, 2022

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Greenhill Humane Society promotes pet safety during the holiday

Before people pull out those Halloween decorations and candy, it’s important to take note of the dangers certain common holiday traditions pose to animals. A day filled with candy, parties and scary costumes can be a tough day for pets. Greenhill Humane Society urges people to keep their pets’ safety in mind when planning their festivities this October 31st. Below are helpful tips for ensuring a happy and safe Halloween:

-Stash candy safely away. Several holiday favorites are toxic to pets so it’s best to keep candy out of reach. If your pet ingests candy, especially chocolate, contact your veterinarian right away.

-Make sure pet costumes are the right fit. Check to make sure the costume does not limit their ability to walk, breath, bark or meow. Any extra fabric may cause a choking hazard if chewed on. Wearing costumes can also increase your dog’s feeling of discomfort and make them more stressed and anxious. If your pet looks uncomfortable or stressed while wearing the costume, it’s best to keep them in their birthday suit for the night.

-Watch out for decorative plants and candles. Curious pets may knock over a lit jack-o-lantern or candle and start a fire or get burned. It’s better to keep these decorations away from pets, especially corn cobs which can be a choking hazard to dogs.

-Don’t leave glow sticks out. Pets (especially cats) tend to love these and often bite into them, leaving a bitter taste in their mouth that can cause severe drooling.

-Keep your pets in a safe place indoors, including outdoor cats. Halloween can be stressful for dogs and cats due to strange masks and noises. Keep your pets in a closed room where they can relax away from the front door. This will not only help them remain calm, but also prevent them from darting out the door. If your animals are outside, make sure they are properly secured, have collars, tags and are microchipped.

If you have lost or found a pet, immediately contact your local animal control office.
• Cottage Grove – Cottage Grove Police Department: 541-942-9145
• Eugene – Eugene Animal Services: 541-687-4060
• Unincorporated Lane County – Lane County Animal Services: 541-682-3645
• Springfield – Springfield Animal Control/Police Dept.: 344 A Street: 541-726-3634
• Veneta – Veneta Animal Control/City Hall: 88184 8th street: 541-935-2191

Learn more at http://green-hill.org/lost_and_found_reports

“Halloween is a festive day for humans but trick-or-treaters repeatedly knocking at the front door, scary decorations, and people in costumes may cause extra stress for your pets,” says Megan Burroughs, Greenhill’s Engagement & Humane Education Manager. “Make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable in their home and in any costume they may be wearing.”

To learn more about Greenhill Humane Society or tips on keeping your pets safe this Halloween, visit www.green-hill.org.


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